Our Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors is made of 5 Members:

  • Non-Executive Deputy Chairperson
  • 3 Executive Directors
  • 1 Alternating Director


Non-Executive Deputy Chairperson: Filomena Panguene Sumbana

3 Executive Directors: Victor Sumbana; Lucio Sumbana; Andrew Tembani

Independent Alternating Directorship: special invited director dependent on focus industry agenda


Filomena Panguene Sumbana – has been at the helm of Final since 2000. She has over 37 years working experience in various operational and management levels for the National Department of Immigrations (Ministry of Interior) currently holding the position of Deputy National Director. She has lived and worked in Europe (Portugal, Austria and Paris), United States and held a diplomatic position (Mozambican Consul) for the Republic of Mozambique in South Africa. She has vast experience in both public and private sectors managing various operations, companies and investments in Final and subsidiaries.



Victor Sumbana – has been a shareholder of Final since its inception in 1992. He holds an MBA (Administration) and has worked and lived in Europe, UAE, USA and Africa. Victor has been a director in Final since 2007 after having worked in a Dubai registered Final subsidiary (All Ways). Victor was responsible for the representation of Dunn & Bradstreet in Mozambique prior to taking on managerial roles in Final. He currently oversees operations within Final holdings’ affiliated companies and projects with experience and knowledge in large scale procurement and logistics for Final, partners and clients.


Lucio Sumbana – has been a shareholder of Final since its inception in 1992. Having studied and worked abroad (USA and South Africa), Lucio took on executive duties at Final in July 2008 after holding positions such as Communications Practitioner and Investor Relations Officer at JSE-listed ICT group Gijima. He is qualified in Business Communications (Management) and has quickly gained knowledge of the demands of fast changing business environment in his time at Final and Gijima. With a hands-on approach, Lucio holds directorships and executive positions in Final affiliated companies such as FFF Lda, Cidadela da Matola, Edifer Moçambique, Colinas da Maxaquene amongst others.


Andrew Tembani  – is the General Manager of Final. His employment and career history spans over a period of 16 years and is rich and diverse with expatriate experience and international business exposure specifically in SADC. He has gained plenty of knowledge through executive and management roles in various business fields. Andrew has held management positions in companies such as Coca-Cola, Willard’s Foods, Inscor Africa, Delta Beverages and his own company as a shareholders and Executive Director of Flatcome Investments. He has been with Final since September 2011 and has played an integral role in the company re-alignment.


Final is a privately owned investments holding company based in Maputo, Mozambique primarily focused on financing, investment, trading and representation (agency). Established in 1992 Final was one of the first of its kind in Mozambique undertaking various projects and assignments which have brought long-term value to its stakeholders, clients and partners.

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Final – Financiamentos, Investimentos e Agenciamentos Lda| Av. 25 de Setembro nº 2826 Maputo, Moçambique Telefax: (+258) 21 492078 Email: info@finallda.com